How long do books stay on your tbr for?

For me? Well this can range from nought-point-five femto seconds, to… over a decade 😅 today’s video is all about 5 (well okay 7) books that have been on my tbr for the longest. And these aren’t even the worst ones! I unhauled those!!

Which books have you had on your tbr for a stupid amount of time? Make me feel less alone!!

The MONSTER UnHaul! 📚📚📚

Another one. Another unhaul!!! I don’t quite know how I’ve managed it but with this unhaul and the previous two combined (check out the first one here, and the second one here) I’ve gotten rid of over 200 books from my shelves!!!

Of course as always this is wee sneak peek as always before this video goes live in an hours time on my channel.

I’ve got a feeling this video might not have the best retention time because it’s so long!! 😂😂 but I wanted to make sure I had a document of all the books I was unhauling. One final goodbye! Do you unhaul books? Do you keep them all? My dad gets rid of every single book just after he reads it!! Let me know!

Halloween Reading Recommendations

Do you need some hints and tips for what you could pick up as we reach Halloween time?

Are you not quite sure if you want to go full horror?

Is there a little demon in the back of your mind telling you to go all the way?

Then check out my reading recommendations video! I’ve got variants from the least spooky books that still fit the seasons vibes all up to death and destruction!

What do you like to read at Halloween??

Cover Buying Books

We all do it… right? We see a beautiful cover and we just can’t resist!! So today there are 10 books that are on my tbr purely because of their beautiful covers!

This post (and most likely the posts that I put up all this week) are going to be from my VEDO videos, because this is my first week at my new job, as well as my birthday week!! So unfortunately I’m all creatived out hahaha. Hope you enjoy the videos this week!!

COVER BATTLES Movies vs Books

We all know that the original covers are better… right??

Well apparently not! Some of these screen-adaptation covers are awful but some of them are surprisingly good! Use the link below for the standard sneak peek you get from my blog for the video going live in an hour!

What’s your favourite movie/film/tv cover that you think is better than the original? Or am I just barking mad? 😂

Five Favourite Classics

As a child I used to read a fare few children’s classics, but it took a while for me to get back into them as an adult. Today’s video is all about my favourite classics from childhood to adulthood and why I think you should read them!

Despite leaning towards the fantastical in my non-classic readings, within classics themselves I seem to lean into more of a contemporary angle which is really interesting! I’m not sure why that happens but as long as I’m enjoying what I’m reading I don’t mind!!

Tell me your favourite classics in the comments!!

Anything BUT Books?!?!

Bekka from The Comic Book Sanctum tagged me in the Anything But Books tag so of course I had to give it a go!

❓Questions❓ ◾What do you own too many of?

◾Something you do for fun?

◾Something special on your nightstand?

◾Something else you’d buy in a book shop?

◾A fun gift you’ve recieved?

◾YouTube channels you watch?

◾Tag 5 Booktubers!

Check out the video below to see my answers!!

What’s your favourite non-bookish hobby? (I think a certain someone is going to say drinking tea!!)

My October BuJo!!

I’ve went all out this month!! Usually I just do a colour theme, and then this year I’ve been trying out a few different things here and there. Today? I got a load of different bits and bobs printed and stuck them down and I’m so happy with how it turned out!!

My Gothtober page is fully magnificent and wonderous, with as many skulls as I could get on the page as possible!!

And my absolute favourite page of them all? My habit tracker!! I just adore how the border turned out!! (and it was completely accidental as well!!)

The little spoops are just so cute!!

If you want to see more about my bullet journal shenanigans then check out my video!!

Do you have a journal? Whether for your daily life or for your reading? Let me know!!

🤫hidden books📚

It’s time for another sneak peek of the video going live on my BookTube channel in one hour!

This time, I’m reorganising the books that I have on display as well as finally showing you guys where I hide all of the rest of my books! I’ve got books under my bed, in the garage, you name it!

Are you able to have all your books on display? Or are some of them hidden away like me?

The Anti Hype Tag

Pablo Suarez created the Anti Hype tag and I just knew I had to play along!! Check out his original video here!

As always, this is a sneak peek an hour before my video goes live on my channel! 🤫

It was really fun to chat about the books that I love that I don’t feel get enough attention!

Do you guys read only hyped books? Only unhyped books? Let me know!!