🎅🏻December TBR!🎅🏻

It’s Chriiiiiistmaaaasss!!! Or at least it’s December. Look I’ve waited until December started and we’ve all had such a bad year that we deserve to enjoy something! But yes, this means it’s time for my final tbr of 2022! 😲

In the twist of the decade I’ve actually kept this months list short so let’s dive in!

First up are the book box books. Goldsboro GSFF box for this month with be The Immortality Thief by Taran Hunt which is another Sci-Fi book. 100% here for squeezing in some more Sci-Fi before the end of the year! And Illumicrate is giving us The Luminaries by Susan Dennard as a Daphne Press book. I’m excited to finally try out some of Dennard’s writing!

Then onto the books I already own. The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang is the last book on my “12 in 2022” instagram list, where I had people pick 12 books for me to read this year. After adoring Babel I’m so so excited to dive into more of Kuang’s writing! A Chinese history inspired political fantasy? Exciting!

The Spear of Truth by Caroline Logan was one of my most anticipated releases of 2022 and I need to get to it before the year is out! This is the final book in the Four Treasures series which follows a grumpy grandpa of a young girl who is coerced into being a bodyguard for some selkies! Scottish mythology combined with YA fantasy and I adore the series. I’m so excited and so nervous for this series to end!

My boyfriend adores the Discworld series, and yet after I’ve moved in with him I’ve not read a single Discworld book! So Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett is going on my December tbr. This series is a classic in the fantasy world and I’m excited to dive back into the madness!

The final book on my tbr is a reread, and that is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I’m going to be getting the train to my parents house on Christmas Eve, and this seems like the perfect travel read for the season!

That’s only 6 books! Six! That’s the smallest tbr I’ve made in ages! I won’t lie, it was surprisingly hard, and I had another 5 books that could’ve been added to the tbr. But I really want to be reasonable this month and not give myself too much to read.

What’s on your final tbr of the year? What do you need to get to before New Years Day?

A Christmas Carol

Okay I know this isn’t the most timely review but… well I don’t have an excuse to be honest. I read this at Christmas, literally on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and yet I’m not reviewing it till now? I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have a schedule for my reviews, and they go in order from read longest ago to most recent, meaning at times like this it’s super annoying and very much behind the times. But let’s get into the actual book review.

This is one of Dicken’s shortest books, at only around 100 pages (exactly 100 in my copy) and therefore is a nice speedy read for when you’re waiting for your Christmas dinner to cook in the oven or relaxing after stuffing your face full!

If you’ve ever seen any adaptations on the silver screen, they are often very accurate. Unlike most adaptations, nothing really has to be cut as the book is so short, meaning that they include the most minute of details and it makes it that much more enjoyable. This is most definitely a classic and one I recommend to everyone, as even if you don’t celebrate Christmas yourself there is something to be learnt from the three ghosts about charity and goodwill.

I gave this book 5 stars and thoroughly enjoyed it, I look forward to re-reading it this Christmas!

December Wrap Up| 2018

I set my tbr as four books this month, and as per I deviated pretty early on. So let’s get into what I actually read in December! If you’d rather watch this in video format (with closed captions) then click here to go to my YouTube channel.

five go gluten freeFive Go Gluten Free by Bruno Vincent -> 3/5*

This parody of Blyton’s well-loved Famous Five was a fun and quick little romp. I adored the original books as a child and it’s fun to see the group brought into the modern day and dealing with the most random of problems.

five give up the boozeFive Give Up the Booze by Bruno Vincent -> 2/5*

Seeing as I read the book above so quickly I thought I’d get through this one as well. I did have a bit of a problem with one section, which is why it dropped a star, however, it’s also a fun little parody and I look forward to reading more from this mini-series.

Other Words For Smoke

Other Words for Smoke (sampler) by Sarah Maria Griffing -> 4.5/5*

25 pages and I’m hooked! I am so excited for the full book to be released so I can become fully immersed within this amazing world. Thank you Titan Books for the sampler!

The Devouring GrayThe Devouring Gray (sampler) by Christine Lynn Herman -> 4/5*

Another sampler I was very kindly sent by Titan Books, another 25 pages and another book I am super excited for in 2019! This is also going on my tbr!


enemy of the stateEnemy of the State, pt. 2 of 6 by Millar, Romita Jr., and Janson -> 2/5*

Honestly, I wasn’t that keen on this. I think I just don’t like comics as they’re too short and I don’t get enough of the story in one go. I don’t have any more comics in my tbr that I own so this is the last one.

a song of ice and fireGame of Thrones by George RR Martin -> 4/5*

I finally read it!! Finally!! This is a chunker of a book at over 800 pages, and I’ll be honest, when I tried to read this book before watching the show I just couldn’t get into it. There was too much for my little brain. But now that I’m completely up to date with the show (and in love with it) it was much easier to get through this book and I ended up really enjoying it.

a christmas carolA Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens -> 5/5*

Starting Christmas Eve, and finishing Christmas Day, I read this little classic novella from Dickens. This was such an entertaining little book that I really enjoyed and I’m glad I’ve finally read the original after seeing various adaptations over the years. It was also a lovely way to spend Christmas Day.

little moments of loveLittle Moments of Love by Catana Chetwynd -> 4/5*

My lovely boyfriend gifted me with this book for Christmas, and I read it on Christmas day! We always send Catana’s comics to each other and this was such a sweet and thoughtful gift from him.

legendLegend by Marie Lu -> 3.5/5*

It took me a while, but once I got into this book I flew through it! I was tempted to give it 4*s but it doesn’t quite match up to other books I’ve given that rating. But, overall I massively enjoyed it, I even enjoyed the romance! And I look forward to carrying on with this trilogy in the future.

And that’s it! I should have read The Mime Order, and who knows. Maybe by some magic, I’ll read it tonight, but being realistic I won’t finish it this year. Ah well! That’s my last wrap up of 2018! It’s been a helluva year and I’m looking forward to 2019!

My December TBR| 2018

This is going to be a pretty small tbr for the last month of year, so let’s get into it!
a song of ice and fireGame of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

I’ve technically been reading this books for a few years now, as I started it when I was around 18 (and as of writing I’m 22), however, I haven’t read anything further in around 3 years. I’m completely caught up with the show so far and would love to actually read the books so this is my priority for the month. Because it’s so big, the rest of my tbr is very small as I don’t know how long it’ll take me to read, but I hope that I’ll read it quicker than I think and have time for a few more books than are on my list.

legendLegend by Marie Lu

I haven’t read a single book by her, and I’m hoping to change that this month. It’s a short book so I should be able to fit it in around/after GoT and I’m really hoping that I’ll speed through it and love it!


a christmas carol

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

I’ve owned this one for a little while now, but I’ve been saving it for Christmas. It’s a relatively short story (very short for Dickens!) so I’m hoping to read it on Christmas Eve to get into the spirit for the day!


the mime orderThe Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

It has taken me for absolute ever to get around to book 2 in this series, so I’m really hoping that while I am back home for the holiday season I get to read this book and probably cry at something she does to the characters!


And that’s it! I do have 3 more books on a “backup” tbr if I read through GoT much quicker (Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killeen, Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin, and Pyramids by Terry Pratchett) but these are the main 4 I would like to get to.

Have you read any of these? Especially Legend as I haven’t heard much about it! Comment below and tell me your thoughts!