Second Generation, the story of a concentration camp survivor’s son


Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an eCopy of this graphic novel in return for an unbiased review. This graphic novel based around the Jewish persecution in WWII is a little different from other novels on the subject, not only is the art within drawn in a more humorous manner than usual, but the perspective is from that of the victim’s son. Second Generation tells the story of how Jews who suffered at the hands of the Nazis had an impact on their family around them once the nightmare of the concentration camps was far in their past.

It was so interesting to read how Michel interpreted his fathers’ experiences and how he felt alienated from his father due to his decision to withhold and disclose certain varying aspects of his life history, depending on the situation and the timing. It also affected what he and his siblings felt they could do in their childhoods, so not to affect their father. He mentions that he feels like he never had the chance to experience teenage angst because his fathers’ opportunity was taken by the Nazis, and despite this being a small issue it really impacts an individuals childhood experience and how their personalities are shaped. There was, for someone who has no family history of being affected by the Nazis, a surprising amount of impact passed down the generations to those who weren’t even born when the Nazis were in power. This was very sad but very interesting to learn about.

I really enjoyed this graphic novel, and although I am biased as I have a fascination with anything based around WWII I genuinely think this will be a book enjoyed by a large number of people and one that should be promoted more. A five star read for me.—the-things-i-didn-t-tell-my-father

Aina, a fun, quick read


Thank you to NetGalley for an eCopy of this graphic novel in return for an unbiased review. I enjoyed this little, translated work which is based around the mystery of a girl who speaks no English seemingly wanting to escape from those she lives with, and these individuals seem to have a dark side to them. Why else would she seem so distressed? I think the drawing style is really nice and I like the way the plot develops. It did seem a little rushed at the end, but overall I did like the novel and I definitely want to look into the rest of the series. Something fun, not too heavy and quick to read.

Blackwelder 2164 – a first


Sadly, this is the first book in my life that I have ever DNF’d. This is a resolution I’m making this year as I have far too many books to get through to linger on ones which I’m really not enjoying. I did give this book 3 chapters, but I really just didn’t want to read it and the cheesiness was too much for me as the relationship was already annoying me. Not my style sadly, there isn’t much more to say about this badly portrayed relationship and poorly portrayed characters. I received this book as an eARC from NetGalley and NineStar in return for an unbiased review.