Jane Eyre. Yes, she’s worth it


I finally got around to it! I read an abridged version of Jane Eyre as a child and really enjoyed the story and plotline, it’s only taken me a little while well over a decade to actually pick up the unabridged full edition and actually read it! This book can be long-winded, and rather annoying at points with that, and can feel like it’s dragging, which I feel is just something that has to be dealt with when it comes to classics from this time period. However, the actual plot of the book is amazing and something I’m very glad I’ve read in full. If you feel you can manage the old language and way of writing then you should hopefully enjoy the story within. The beginning of the book focuses on Janes young life, starting from her childhood in her Aunt’s home and moving onto the boarding school she is stationed at. I loved seeing her childhood and learning how she developed into the woman who makes many difficult decisions in the later parts of this book. There are various plot twists and turns, which I don’t want to go into so I don’t spoil anything! But they will entertain you and make you want to read until the end, and I the only real part of this book that I’m disappointed with is that we don’t get to learn more about Janes later life!! A truly lovely classic with a beautiful storyline that is worth persevering through the tough language.