Famous Five clash with the Secret Seven

Slowly, I’m collecting all of the books in this parody series of the Famous Five originally by Enid Blyton. In this book, the Five all work in the same company and are sent on one of those annoying bonding days. At the same time, the Secret Seven all also work together and have been sent on one of these days from their own company. So of course they compete and try to best each other!

In these books the Five always argue and don’t get along for the majority of the book, but by the end they have made up as a family. This book is no different and they all have differing opinions on how best to get through this stupid exercise quickly.

These are simply fun little books, nothing more, but I still really enjoy reading them all and I’ll get them all eventually!!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass


Finally, at the age of 21, I’ve read Alice in Wonderland! (Took me long enough!) To be perfectly honest I probably wouldn’t have gotten round to reading this book when I did if I hadn’t been watching a lot of Hailey in Bookland on YouTube, who is absolutely obsessed with this book! I had gone home to visit family and saw this book on my shelf, and I decided that I was going to get through it before I went back to University!

I really ended up enjoying this book! The confusing usage of language put me off when I was younger (with books like Heidi, The Secret Garden and Water Babies appealing to me more out of children’s classics) but as an adult, it was much easier to comprehend what was going on and definitely enjoyable to lose all meaning to the most common of phrases and send myself into a fantasy world. If you’ve been putting this classic off as you believe you’re too old for it now, go and grab it! No one is ever too old to read a well-written children’s book!

I was finally able to watch the animated Disney film now I knew the story and it was such a fun little film! It is definitely a fun story and I can 100% see why it is so popular now I have finally immersed myself in the world.