COVER BATTLES Movies vs Books

We all know that the original covers are better… right??

Well apparently not! Some of these screen-adaptation covers are awful but some of them are surprisingly good! Use the link below for the standard sneak peek you get from my blog for the video going live in an hour!

What’s your favourite movie/film/tv cover that you think is better than the original? Or am I just barking mad? 😂

When Book Covers Change 📚

It’s always interesting to see different covers for the same book. Sometimes it’s done to suit the market in different countries, but sometimes it’s a change within the same country which I always find super interesting!

Today, in one hour, I have a cover VS cover video going up on my channel, but the blog followers of course get early access!! Come and check out these covers and see the changes that they made

It’s so fascinating to see how cover styles change over time as they best market themselves to the new audience! Let me know if you have a favourite cover from this list!!