Dark Purpose by A.B. Endacott – a review

Yet another amazing book from Alice, I’m so close to finishing off her entire published works with one book left after this one! Dark Purpose is the second book in what I’m calling the “Dark Trilogy” that follows a healer Freya, who is of the Pious faith which is banned in her country. As tensions rise across the Third Country, Freya must decide who she must be in order to fight for the world she wants, even if that means turning away from everything she holds dear.

After the abrupt ending to the first book I was so excited to delve back into this world and read about which direction Freya was going to go in this battle for power. Having read about her character in Queendom of the Seven Lakes I obviously know a little about where she ends up but following this story from before that time is incredibly interesting and Alice has written this uprising beautifully.

There are so many different intricacies which would go into planning an uprising and Alice manages to hit on them so well. We aren’t shown them all, as Freya isn’t involved in every aspect, but they are alluded to as well as having Freya mention certain aspects and this detail really adds depth and realism to these events.

Freya’s active participation in the uprising in this book is so much fun to read about, she has so many reservations whilst also guiltily revelling in her power. Something that I believe we would all do if given this gift! I also really enjoyed how her work at the hospital developed and played a key part in the story.

I wasn’t so keen on how Symon’s character developed in this book. This isn’t against Alice, just more that I really don’t want poor Freya to have to deal with this! I can already envision some of the basics of what’ll happen in Dark Heart (the next and final book in the trilogy) and noooooo!!!!

Have you read this series, or anything from A.B. Endacott for that matter? She is an amazing Australian, self-published author and I adore her writing so so much. I will read everything she ever publishes!