Lost Boy – a review

Everybody knows the tale of Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up. But what about the lost boys? What about those who live with him in Neverland? Their tale isn’t as beautiful as Peter makes it out to be. Once again, Christina Henry takes a classic children’s tale and puts her dark twist on it. And once again I adored it!


The first book I read from Henry (Alice, check out my review here) I adored, and straight away I knew I wanted to read more from her. So of course I picked up her dark retelling of Peter Pan! I’ve never read Lord of the Flies (I know, I know, but we never did it in my class in school!) but this gives off very much the same vibes, with our lost boys surviving on this island as Peter has his fun and happiness.

One thing I’ll say straight off, is that I feel the tagline printed on the US cover spoils the book. Of course many other people don’t feel that way, and many include it in their reviews, but I would advise you to avoid it. As having this point revealed to you would be so much more fun! I was spoiled for it but thankfully for me I read it halfway through the book and so had already assumed this point. So it could’ve been worse!

This is a dark and brutal book, it’s definitely not for children and personally I’d put it in the adult section of the bookshop. This may also be a book you want to look up trigger warnings for, as there are many dark topics covered with no limits to the depths Henry will reach. For me? That’s amazing. I adore seeing these classic tales twisted and rendered in a way that totally belies their original goal.

As far as I’m concerned, in my head this is now the real tale of Peter Pan. This will forever replace to original story and will be what comes to mind if someone mentions the tale. If that isn’t a glowing review of this fantastically written book with beautiful character development, wonderfully written relationships between the lost boys and a deeper plot line which makes you think more about the real world, then I really don’t know what else I can do to make you pick this up.