Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett, a review

Book number 6 in the Discworld series, and it is pretty much what you come to expect by this point in the series!! This is one of my favourite Discworld books so far! I absolutely love the three witches and their antics and rivalries. I think I relate to Magrat the most, she is the youngest of the three so this would make sense, but she’s overly positive in the changes that can be made to the world. However, Nanny gives zero f*cks which is absolutely brilliant and when Granny goes off on one (which happens quite often) it is a beautiful sight to behold. I definitely loved them all!!

There were definite, intentional, Macbeth vibes throughout this book and I felt that it was done really well and was quite amusing. If you don’t know the Shakespeare play than it doesn’t affect your reading of the book, however, if you do know the play then it adds an extra dimension to the events and I personally found it really funny!

Within the Discworld series, there are different collections, such as books that follow Death, Rincewind, and the Witches, and I am really, really, looking forward to more stories within the witches branch of the series and seeing where they go from here and what sh*t they end up doing next!

If you’ve never picked up and of Pratchett’s works I definitely recommend giving them a go. They are fun and no-strings-attached and therefore easy to read, at least this is my personal experience and I’m glad I was pushed to try them!

Mort and his mortality


As always with The Discworld so far, I’ve really enjoyed this book and the new perspective looking closer into Death’s life, his daughter, his manservant and also his new apprentice Mort. Being able to discover more about Death’s life through the eyes of someone who is also new to the world is really helpful narratively and leaves us confused half the time, which I’m sure is what Terry Pratchett would want! Although the repetitive mentioning of the slow speed of light breaking on the disc was starting to grate on my nerves after the seven-hundredth time (okay I’m exaggerating a little, and it is relevant, but it really didn’t need to be mentioned so often!), I really liked the ending of the book and I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series and to see what I’ll be told next about the Discworld.

Three Days Dead, The Damned vol. 1


I’ve been reading a lot of comics so far this year! This is yet another graphic novel that I enjoyed and want to continue with the series. We follow a gun-for-hire who keeps coming back from the dead, as long as someone touches him after he dies, and a bunch of daemons having a gang war in the city. Yeah… it’s an interesting concept! It’s a classic noir comic with a twist of horror and a big dollop of death, a main character who you want to keep following and an art design that very much fits the genre with its sharp, angular preferences.

This is a new release of a previously published comic, and the major addition seems to be that this is now in colour. Although a black-and-white theme would suit this style of comic, the addition of colour really brings the world to life and adds a whole new dimension. I don’t want to say much more to let you discover what this graphic novel has to offer on your own. Definitely one to pick up if you like action, crime and a little bit of horror (I hate horror books or films but comics I can deal with for some odd reason) with some daemons thrown in for good measure.

Thank you to NetGalley for a free eCopy of this graphic novel in return for an unbiased review.

Minus Me by Ingelin Rossland

This is an amazing book about a young girls life after she almost passes away at a diving competition. She is brought back by a mysterious boy who keeps appearing when she least expects it. This book will grab you with short, easy to read, chapters and an interesting plot with a major twist at the end.

I managed to finish this book in 2 hours whilst doing other things around the house, it is so absorbing and I would love to re-read this book a million times. Sadly I have an advanced publication meaning I have to return this to my book store where I work but I am contemplating purchasing the book once it is for sale in my store!

Recommended for:


This is very much a teen novel, I can imagine older readers finding the writing style too childish. However for those who like the teen style, such as myself, it is a very good book.

Age recommendation:


This book does have a plot which can upset readers, it made me cry and I’m an adult! So those giving to younger children should probably read this book first to ensure their child is ready to read it.

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