Firesong by William Nicholson – a review

I’ve done it! I’ve finally wrapped up this series! This is a series I have owned in two separate editions (accidentally) for well over a decade. And I’ve finally done it. So… what did I think of the finale to this trilogy?

Firesong (Wind On Fire, #3) by William Nicholson

Sadly, this wasn’t such a great book for me compared to the second book in the trilogy (Slaves of the Mastery). Whilst book two was intense, having me gripped and engrossed, book three was just… fine? I have a feeling that I would’ve like it a lot more if I had read it when I first got the book. But one of the reasons that I would’ve loved it then is a reason I wasn’t so keen now.

That reason is that everything is tied up very neatly in a bow, but this bow is wrapped around events that seem to come out of nowhere. Now don’t get me wrong, this is alluded to throughout the series, and I can appreciate that. But the final scene? Where on earth did that come from? Why? Huh? Whereas childhood me would’ve loved the “big twist”, adult me is just left feeling disappointed by a twist that could have been executed so much better.

There is also the issue of sexism in this book, it’s nothing out there and in your face but it’s very much a book (written by a man) of its time. There were definite moments where I was wondering why the hell the girl had to do all the saving but the boy got to be the hero (our two main characters are a boy and a girl who are twins). That was frustrating to read and I hope that Nicholson has educated himself since these books were published.

Despite what I’ve said above, I did enjoy this book. It was a quick read and was a nice little wrap up to the trilogy. Overall, I gave it 3 stars. There was nothing offensively bad, and I am reading quite a bit above my age range so I don’t want to be too harsh. But I can’t rate it any higher than that.

Have you read this series? Do you agree with my points or do you think I’m bonkers?! Let me know!!