I only bought this book in the first place because I spotted it for £1 in a charity shop and the hype is so huge on Booktube! Since I bought this book, I’ve read Throne of Glass so I also know that I enjoy Sarah J Maas’ writing style, and I needed to read a retelling for my O.W.L.’s so I eventually picked it up! (Yes these reviews are hella backdated, it was an accident, leave me alone!)

I was expecting to go into this and absolutely hate it, I was ready to think it was stupid and that the romance was on a Twilight level (which I loved as a tween but lbr it’s an unhealthy relationship). If you couldn’t tell from how I wrote the previous sentences, that didn’t happen! I loved it! I honestly don’t know why really but I was completely in love with the romance, I thought that the plot development was really good. I would’ve preferred more time in the dungeons but that’s probably because I quite like dark books.

I’ll definitely be looking out for the next books in the series and carrying on reading about this world. I’ve heard both that it gets better and also that it gets worse so I’m going to find out for myself now that I know I really liked the first one! It’s not my favourite book ever, but considering how much I assumed I was going to dislike it I’m pleasantly surprised!

I’ve finally read it!

It took me long enough to buy it (eventually I got it with a Waterstones gift card my beautiful flatmate gave me for my 22nd) and then it took me a long while to actually read it. But I’ve read it! And I loved it! I can see why so many people enjoy it, I love the unique art style and layout of a novel and I also was incredibly invested in the characters.

The world is well developed, it’s set in our future and is based on three ships trying to escape from another and save the thousands of civilians on board as the other ship wants to destroy them. We follow two main characters, a teenage boy and girl who just before boarding these ships broke up with each other. And now they need to work together.

The character development is done beautifully, with so many events having a massive impact on their ever-shrinking world. I also loved the artwork within, which really fits with the theme, and the unique formatting is also done incredibly well, although there was one section that I read in the wrong order cause I didn’t realise!!

If you’re into sci-fi and like YA books I think this one is great! It’s definitely a YA work though, I wasn’t sure until I sent a pic of some pages to my bf (who really doesn’t like YA books) and he declined to borrow my copy based on that. But if you like YA, either all the time or sometimes, I definitely think you should give this beauty a shot!