A bit of a departure from the bookish topics today because I’M FINALLY GETTING MY GRADUATION!!! I finished my MSc thesis back on the 4th October 2019. We begged for a winter graduation but the uni refused, and then the BIG P WORD came along and we weren’t able to go to the 2020 summer graduation. Well finally summer of 2021 has rolled around and although it’s very different to a usual graduation, I’m finally getting to walk the stage for my MSc!

I did my Masters at the University of Portsmouth in Geological and Environmental Hazards. The course kicked my butt, and I’m super proud of myself for passing! I actually had my ceremony at 10am today (don’t worry, I’m not writing this today, I pre-scheduled it), we wore masks, we social distanced, and not all of my friends from my course could make it. Especially my international friends.

But my partner was there, and my mother watched the livestream. And I’m in the sunshine in my second uni city, with the man I love and my friends. So all in all? Today is a good day.

So… I graduated University!

Hey guys! I thought I’d explain why I didn’t post for a little while, and that reason is that I graduated from University with a degree in Geography! In the main image I’m in the front row, see if you can spot me!

I had a very busy few days around it, with traveling down to my old uni, my boyfriend coming over and staying at my parent’s house for a few days and more. Therefore I didn’t have time for anything other than sleep! I barely even read which was horrible!

Photo 20-07-2018, 11 56 42.jpg


I should be getting back to posting again, but it’ll be a gradual process and might not be too scheduled. I just want to get back into reviewing, making videos and getting back into the bookternet! Slow and steady wins the race.