Cathy’s Key, a review

The second book in the Cathy Vickers Trilogy, this is a series that I intended to read so many years ago and I’m excited that I’m finally making progress!

This series follows a teen girl as she’s dating an older man (who happens to be immortal) whilst navigating her relationship with her parents, her best friend, and some other immortals that have taken a real disliking to her.

If you wanna check out my review of book one, Cathy’s Book, the click here!

I picked these books up originally because of the multi-media style formatting. Each page is just covered in doodles and I love looking at them and seeing how they relate to the content we’re reading. There are also centre pages in my edition that have similar content to the extras that were loose with my edition of book one. They add so much extra to the story and really make you feel more engrossed.

This is definitely a YA series and I would’ve been so much more obsessed if I’d read this at the time I actually bought them (see my first review for more of that story) but it still holds enough of its own that in my mid-20s I’m still enjoying it!

I’m really interested to see what happens in the last book. They’re such short books that there can’t be that much more but I have so many questions! I just hope they’re all answered.

On CAWPILE I gave this book: Characters: 8, Atmosphere: 7, Writing: 6, Plot: 7, Intrigue: 7, Logic: 6, and Enjoyment: 7, which gives an overall total of 6.86 which is a 3* read.

Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t my new favourite books. You can probably tell that. But at the same time they’re really fun, I adore the doodles and the friendship and the refreshing portrayal of the parental relationship is nice to read too (although ever so slightly tropey). Let’s see how book 3 does!