Bookish Adventures in Moving

Did you know the Billy Bookcases from Ikea are perpetually out of stock right now? Cannot buy. No stock. My library dreams have been temporarily put on hold.

I’ve not fully moved into my new house yet, the bed won’t be delivered until early October so I’m still living with my parents for now, but yesterday I went down and moved some of my things. Including some of my books!

Mostly I took down my read books, they’re all packed away anyways (cause my parents are moving too, it is a time in the Pellinor household) but I took down a couple of unread books as well. Just so that if I do end up needing something to read I can pick from a reread or a new read!

At the moment my books are all just… sat on the floor. Which isn’t fab. We have plans to buy 5 full sized Billy’s, because my partner reads too so he’ll take up 2 of them and I can double stack for now. So we’re just keeping our eyes peeled on the Ikea website and hoping we can nab some as soon as they drop!

Do you have Billy bookcases? Or have you went for something a little more unique? Let me know!