Pride and Prejudice, a review

When I first was getting into the online book community, I went book shopping, and picked up a metric hell tonne of classics. Since then, up until this year, I hadn’t read a single one other than Jane Eyre. Not one. I bought these in 2016!! So I’ve been slowly making my way through more classics lately and given that I had two editions of Pride and Prejudice on my tbr, I felt like it was time to take my first dive into Austen’s work!

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Thankfully I didn’t actually buy both copies. One I did buy myself, it’s the “standard” wordsworth edition. One my mum gifted me when it was being disposed of from the bookshop she worked in. It’s more of a magazine style print with coloured pictures and of course much bigger pages. I had debated how I would read this book, and fully intended to pick just one copy or another, but I ended up using both and that actually worked out really well for me!! And sometimes it helped those bigger chapters feel a little smaller when they were “only 3 pages” rather than the 7/8 they were in the standard paperback version!

Now, onto what I actually thought of the book…. I adored it!!

I was not expecting to love this book! Every time I picked it up I got such a feeling of peace, I was so invested in all of the characters lives even when I knew what would happen (either through pop culture, the book telling us, or just me “predicting” plot devices which were new in 1813) and when I finished the book? I just sat there with a smile on my face! It was just so lovely!!

Darcy’s development was very interesting to watch. He’s so self assured, until Jane rocked his world view and he had to come to terms with the kind of man he is. He starts out being quite abrasive and really not someone you would want to marry! But by the end he’s very sweet and I totally understand Jane’s change of heart!

Bingham through this whole novel is just so innocent and a little bit dumb if I’m honest! In contrast to the societal games being played around him this was really sweet to see and brought a refreshing air to the book.

Jane is just such a sweetie, always caring for others, apart from the abrupt Mr Darcy! Whereas in contrast Lydia was just an absolute idiot and in my opinion she deserves the partner she ends up with (harsh I know, but still).

For my CAWPILE rating I gave:

Characters: 8, Atmosphere: 10, Writing: 9, Plot: 8, Intrigue: 9, Logic: 9, and Enjoyment: 10. Which gives an overall score of 9.00 just squeezing in a 5 star rating!

Overall I love the progression through this book of the characters as they learn more about each other and themselves. I really didn’t expect to love this book. It’s all about people and romance, normally not my thing. And yet I adored it so so much. Not mad!

Trigger warning for Pride and Prejudice: classism, sexism

The Pride and Prejudice Book Tag

I found this tag on Elaine’s page (check out her post here!) and now that I’ve finally read this book I thought it would be really fun to do this!

A few little pleasantries:

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The Bennet Sisters: A Mixed Bag
A book or series with an eclectic cast of characters

Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy!! This is a looooong series that I’m reread this year and I still adore it! It’s so fun, filled with quips, magic and fighting scenes growing from Middle Grade to Young Adult as the series goes on. Not enough people on the internet read this series!

Charlotte Lucas: The Best Friend
A dependable book/series, tv show or film you can always turn to

I was pretty tempted to use Skulduggery for this answer as well. But instead I’ll turn to screens for my answer. I don’t watch a lot of tv or films, but Elementary and Doctor Who are staples for me. And the Narnia movies, as well as the MCU, are ones I’ll always love!

Mr Darcy: The Unexpected Surprise
A book or series that you didn’t originally like but grew to love.

Immediately The Crow by Alison Croggon, the 3rd book in the Pellinor series, comes to mind. It was my least favourite as a teen when I first read the books, and I would reread the others all the time but I barely went back to this one. I went back to it at the end of 2020 and I discovered that I actually really love it now! It’s such a beautiful book and I’m so glad that I’ve changed my mind!

Lady Catherine de Bourg: The Intimidating Aristocrat
A book or series that intimidates you

The Centuries Trilogy by Ken Follett! For some reason I own all three massive books in hardback, even though I’ve never finish a Follett book in my life. They’re all at least 800 pages, all historical fiction, and they’re all probably going to be on my tbr for a while…

Mr Bingley: Honest Yet Easily Led
A character you think deserves a lot of love

Why do I never hear people talking about Pierre from War and Peace? (or Natasha but I’ll stick to just one character for now) He gets so much character development through the book and I know that War and Peace is a chunky one (understatement of the year) but it’s also a really well known classic so I would’ve thought we’d hear more about some of its characters!

Mr Collins: Awkward and a little socially inept.
What hyped or popular book/series have you not yet read?

There are so many books that I could put here! I’m going to go with The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty. The Daevabad Trilogy sounds like an amazing fantasy series that I really need to get my teeth into! I’ve just gotta buy it first 😂

The Gardiners: Steady Voices of Reason
A character from any book, film, or tv series that you would turn to for advice

Nana Jasmine from the Noughts & Crosses series by Malorie Blackman. But only by the third book. She starts off having to deal with a lot of internal demons but by the third book in this series, without giving any spoilers, she is 100% the person I would turn to first with any question I had.

Mr Wickham: The Deceiver
A book that did not reach your expectations

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid. I’m not sure what I had been expecting from this book, but it certainly wasn’t two privileged people complaining about their lives with barely a plot to sustain it. Such a disappointment.

Georgiana Darcy: Shy and Naive but Friendly
An under-hyped or represented book that you really love

Okay we all know I have a million and one different books and series I could recommend here! I do read hyped books, but I also read a lot of underhyped ones! The Legends of the Godkissed Continent by AB Endacott is an interwoven series which covers all four countries in this fantasy world

Colonel Foster’s Regiment: Sure to liven up any party!
What book or series would you always recommend?

Surely this is the easy one? It’s got to be the Pellinor series by Alison Croggon! Especially after rereading it at the end of 2020 it really solidified my love for the story and I want more people to pick it up!

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June 2021 Reading Wrap Up

Things worked out pretty well for me this month! I managed to read every book that was on my tbr, as well as one extra book and I had 2 days to spare! I could’ve added another book at the end of the month but I thought I would give myself a bit of a break for a couple days.

Let’s get into the mini wrap ups!

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn coming in at 421 pages was my first read of the month. And wow. What a shite way to start the month! I was tempted to DNF this after 50 pages, and for some reason I pushed myself through the entirety of this despite wanting to DNF it (Did Not Finish) and I ended up giving it 2*s. What a waste of my time (and a realisation that I’m not very good at DNFing books)

Something a little more positive was 175 pages of Armadeddon Outta Here by Derek Landy which I just read certain short stories of. I read up to the point before Mortal Coil to bring myself up to date with the plotline so far and I’m excited to read more of these when I carry on with the series!

Another great read was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen which was 329 pages of amazingness! I gave this 5*s and I really didn’t expect that! I was expecting this to be just fine, one that I was just gunna read through because it’s a classic and it’s interesting. But I ended up adoring this book so much, it gave me such a cosy vibe and I was just so happy reading it!

The wonderful Olivia Savanah from Olivia’s Catastrophe gifted by Pet by Akwaeke Emezi and I’m so glad that I read it this month because it was AMAZING!! This was 205 pages of wonder and I of course gave it 5*s. I adore Emezi’s writing, they’re just fantastic and I’m so excited to read more from them in the future. This is a YA book I’ll be recommending to absolutely everyone. Honestly I need to just sit down with my thoughts because it’s just a massive jumble of wonderment!

Touch by Claire North is one that I should probably not have read with the world situation right now. I did still enjoy this 426 page book, and although I’ve not ran it through CAWPILE yet I’m anticipating it being a 4* read, but there was one major downfall. I don’t want to go into the specifics cause spoilers, but I’m sure you can guess. A book based on touch isn’t the best one to read and empathise with in a world where we don’t touch anyone. I’ll need to re-read this in the future where the hustle and bustle of a commute doesn’t feel so alien.

Mortal Coil by Derek Landy was my Skulduggery re-read for the month so of course I loved it. Coming in at 572 pages it’s my biggest read of the month and so much happens in this one! So much that I don’t like! But we’re making so much progress and it was so fun to discuss this with Bekka as we read it.

I finally read a thriller I didn’t hate this month with Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan. 344 pages long, this is definitely an interesting one. There are some controversial sections that I need to think more about, but from a pure enjoyment level this was one that I was engaged ith, actively reacting to, and I’m glad I finally picked it up!

The last book on my actual tbr for the month was Apocalypse Kings by Derek Landy, a short story released for World Book Day this year. I only read it the first time a few months ago but I wanted to re-read it in the chronological spot. I only read 80 pages rather than the full 100ish because those last 20 are the first chapters of book 1 and I’ve read that twice this year already!

And last but no where near least for books I finished… The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris which was 393 pages of intrigue and I really enjoyed it! This took a twist that was so much fun to read and I loved reading from a grey character. I was discussing this with Kashay from Shay with the Hobbies on YouTube as I went through so that was a lot of fun being able to voice message her blow by blow through the book! I’m not sure of my rating yet as I like to give books a bit of time before I run them through CAWPILE, but I’m guessing probably 4*s.

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy is still going strong, and me and Olivia Savannah are around 70% of the way through this tome and we’re loving it! Of course I still can’t talk about the content cause spoilers, but ooooh I’m really enjoying this reading experience still!

And those are the books I read in June! For my page count it totalled at 2943, so just under 3000. Not the best reading month that I’ve had but I’m not mad! I’ve read some books that I absolutely adored and I’m so glad that I was able to finally cross them off of my list! Definitely keep a look out for full reviews of all of these coming out in the coming months!

What’s the best book (or three) that you read last month? Have you read any of these? Let me know!


How many books can you read at once?

I’ve always been someone who can read more than one book at a time but I didn’t often do it. Mainly cause I’m a fast reader and once I’m into a book I just want to read it until it’s finished! But as time has gone on and I’m reading more books I’m definitely multi-reading more.

This year I’m reading a chapter a day of War and Peace. Meaning that for the entire year so far, I have always been multi-reading. And it’s been great! But there are also times where I’ll have more than one other book on the go. It really depends! At the moment I’m reading Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace, and nothing else. Will that change? No clue! But it’s working for now.

Unless it’s a buddy read or something else planned like that, I tend to keep it pretty natural and just read whatever I intend to from my tbr.

How do you read? Lots of books on the go at once? Or one book at a time? Let me know!

June TBR 2021!

Something a little different for my blog! I show my tbr’s on my channel and on my bookstagram (to be read, the pile of books I want to read that month) but I don’t tend to show them here! I think that’s mainly cause I don’t want to have to go through the hassle of editing the post #lazy so I’ve decided to just try out text post versions. No book covers. Nothing fancy. But here is my tbr!

To start with the “obvious” (if you follow me) I’ll be continuing to read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy this month (I’m reading a chapter a day with Olivia from Olivia’s Catastrophe and we’re really enjoying it!!). Hopefully we’ll hit book Eleven next month!

As I’m taking part in the Buzzwordathon hosted by Kayla from Booksandlala I’ll be reading Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan, this is a thriller following a woman who receives a letter from someone claiming to be a girl who went missing 20 years ago. I’m hoping that cause this is a thriller it’ll be a nice quick read!

Each month I’m also taking part in the Dead Famous Read-a-long hosted by Hannah at LadetteM along with Bekka from the Comic Book Sanctury, Aly from the Chaotic Reader and Emma from EmmaNovella. We’ve reached book 5 in the Skulduggery Pleasant series which is Mortal Coil by Derek Landy. This series follows a young Irish girl who discovers magic via a talking skeleton detective and goes on to join him in saving the day! This is one of my favourite series and I’ve read every single book that’s published so these are all re-reads for me! I also want to re-read Apocalypse Kings which is a novella which only came out this year for World Book Day. Of course I only read it for the first time recently but this is where it chronologically sits so I want to pop it in here!

Then whilst filming my tbr I picked out my tbr jar pick for the month, which turned out to be Dark Places by Gillian Flynn! This follows a girl who’s family were all brutally murdered leaving just her and her brother. Her evidence put him behind bars but there are people who think he was innocent. I’ve never read any Flynn before so I’m hoping for good things!

Now finally onto the 3 “random” books on my tbr!

First up is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen! I actually own 2 copies of this. One is a standard book, but one is a more magazine format, and although they have the same illustrations the magazine ones are coloured. I’m not sure which copy I’m going to pick up, and considering I measure page count I’m not sure which one I’ll be using for that either. But either way I’m wanting to read the book this month.

Then we have Pet by Akwaeke Emezi which was gifted to me by the lovely Olivia (mentioned above). This follows a young girl who was raised in a world where monsters have been defeated, but then Pet appears. But are they a monster? Or are they protecting the city from the real monsters? I loved Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi so I’m super excited to read more from this author!

Last but by no means least, Touch by Claire North is the final book on my tbr for June. The synopsis on this one is pretty sparse. With one touch she can take over your body for however long she wants. And that’s who we’re following! I’ve read 2 books by North so far and adored them both so I’m really excited for this one and I hope it’ll be a quick read!

And there you have it! My June tbr! I’ve been trying to be nicer to myself lately so if I don’t manage to complete the tbr then it’s not the end of the world. I will read my War and Peace chapters each day, and I will aim to read my tbr jar pick, the Skulduggery book (but only Mortal Coil, Apocalypse Kings doesn’t matter so much) and the buzzwordathon book. And Pet. Just cause I want to. But the rest would just be bonus books. We’ll see how I do, fingers crossed!!

What do you want to read in June? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments!!