Do you read the book before you watch the film?

I do! Or at least I do the vast majority of the time! When I know that there’s a book out I’ll do my best to read that before I watch the adaptation, and there’s a few films that my partner has wanted to watch over the years that he’s had to wait on because I needed to read the book first!

We’ve still not seen The Revenant, and we’ve still not seen Hidden Figures! I’ve read them, but by the time I had gotten around to them he wasn’t quite as interested in the films anymore! I’m really not a fan of watching films or TV to be honest, so I’m not sure whether we’ll ever get around to them.

One of the possible exceptions to this is going to be Dune. I have a copy of the book now (thanks to the wonderful Eleanor Nicbhatair for my birthday) but it’s a big book and my boyfriend (who’s read the book before) wants to see the film in the cinema. So maybe this will be the one exception, and it might even make getting through the book easier! That was definitely the case when I read Game of Thrones after I had watched the show, I tried to read it before but it was too awkward. Much easier after I already knew the characters and the plotline!