Do YOU ReRead??

I did! And then I didn’t… and now I do again! Okay let me explain haha

When I was a kid I’d re-read books all the time, I didn’t have access to the shops without my parents (or the money to buy books anyways) so once I had finished what was on my shelves I had no other option than to read what I’d already read until the next time I got any books or got to go to the library. Now don’t get me wrong, my parents bought me so many books and we’d visit the library fairly often, I just read like a mad child and got through a ridiculous number of books!

Theeeeeen education happened. I live in the UK but I’m sure this is something that you guys from all around the world can relate to. I also had my various chronic illnesses kick in at this point, including migraines, and I just didn’t have the time or the energy to pick up books and read for pleasure with everything else I had to do. I still loved books though, which I showed by taking books with me to Uni, despite not having read in 3 years.

And then I did it, I picked up a book. I had to force my way through it. It wasn’t as easy as it used to be when I was a kid, it didn’t flow as naturally. But I did it. And that was it. That year I started reading and never stopped! I found this community and a couple years later I joined in as an active participant! But I wasn’t picking up my old books, I wasn’t re-reading at all. Now that I wasn’t living at home and I had some savings/birthday money I could bring books home without any issue and having found the Bookternet I had too many books that I now wanted to read to be able to justify the time spent on re-reading old books. It felt like it would be a “waste of time”. Which is sad.

That’s why I decided to do Alex and Abi’s Booktube ReReadaThon. To give myself accountability and to “justify” spending my time on it! I actually intended to do this in 2019, but that really just did not happen for a massive variety of reasons and so I abandoned it. But this year is my year! I have already read my re-read for January, the challenge was to reread a translated work so I went with Heidi, a book I hadn’t read since childhood!

I’ll be putting up a full review soon, but suffice to say that I really enjoyed it. It’s a lovely, simple and inspiring story that I really enjoyed diving back into and it reminded me that I really do love re-reading books. Which is why so many of the books on my shelves have cracked spines from reading them again and again and again as a child!

I’m really excited to carry on with this re-reading throughout the year! I’ve linked the challenges here and also Alex’s video and Abi’s video announcing the challenge for the year so that you guys can go and check it out!

Do you like re-reading books? Let me know down below and explain why!!

I’m back!!

My thesis is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my sweet soul that took forever! But it’s done, it’s handed in, I’m proud of it and hopefully it’ll get me a good mark!! And now I can go back to being a normal human being again, woohoo!

I’ve been applying to jobs, seeing friends, spending time with my parents, starting back on Duolingo, but most importantly…. I’ve been reading again! Not a lot mind you, I’ve only read 2 books, however, I’ll take what little I can get after so long without reading haha. It’s been genuinely so enjoyable to be able to relax into a book and I’m looking forward to getting through a few more books on my giant tbr.

Sadly, there’s still gunna be a bit of a wait for my YouTube channel to come back, as my laptop is completely broken and it’s gunna take a while for it to get repaired 😥 Which is really sad as I love making videos. I do have access to my dad’s laptop so I might try installing my editing software on there but I don’t know if it has enough processing power. We’ll see.

Either way, the blogs are back (hopefully) and my insta and twitter are coming alive again. I’m so happy about it and so excited to be back within the community!

Now I’ve just got to catch up on all those YouTube videos…….. that’ll take me a while!