Sticking to One Genre?

How often do you read outside of your main genre?

When I was younger, I was deeeep in the fantasy genre, with frequent forays into historical fiction. Then my reading stopped for a little while (thanks school) and when I came back I found booktube, and suddenly I was reading a bit of everything. But as time has gone one (and it has taken me a while, can’t lie) I find myself settling back into my old routine of childhood. Reading mainly fantasy books, with spattering’s of non-fiction, historical, and the occasional older contemporary. I don’t tend to like to read about modern day, which is an interesting thing to ponder, but let’s not psychoanalyse my choices right now.

I used to think, when I started back up reading again, that it was good I was reading every genre. But I was reading quite a lot of books that I gave low ratings too, and it could lead to me struggling to pick up my next book because I wasn’t looking forward to it. Whereas now, when I’m niche-ing down again, well my motivation is almost always there (watch me go into a reading slump straight after this).

I’m not saying either way is better. Whichever you enjoy the most. But I think it’s interesting that for me personally, going back to how I chose to read as a child has been a positive thing for me. I do occasionally dip my toes into other waters. But most of the time I’m happy on good ship Abi.

What about you?