I saw this book in Waterstones, and the cover made me pick it up and read the synopsis. From that point, I knew I would have to read this book. I haven’t seen this book anywhere online and I am so surprised as this is a really hard-hitting YA book, it is written really well and I enjoyed it (if that’s the right word) a lot.

This book is based around a cult, where the members are cut of from the rest of society and brainwashed into thinking that those on the outside are morally wrong and that the people within the group are more worthy of God’s love. It was really tough at some points to have to read about what they were all going through, how different their lives were and how they thought it was all normal. But that is the point of books like these. They’re there to make you think. To make you reconsider what is going on in your world and to get you to re-evaluate your actions and your life.

The ending of this book was so sad and heartbreaking, as well as full of action. I did predict what was going to happen at the very end, but the way in which it was done and the writing style of Lisa Heathfield made it poignant and wrenching despite my prediction.

This was an absolutely amazing book which I think so many more people should read. It has its faults, but it is so engrossing and something I consider to be an important read. A difficult topic which needs to be covered.