Why I don’t like romance books

Romance is such a popular genre, and I can totally see why! It’s feel good, and you know what’s going to happen at the end so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride! And yet… I don’t like it. Why?

I mean, to be honest this can be answered pretty quickly. I need more than just love to make a book work for me. I need some sort of plot, and some sort of depth of relationship (platonic) before I can get really invested in the people I’m reading about.

For me this works best when I’m reading about a fantasy world, it means that I have so much built up around me that I can also enjoy those romantic elements. But on occasion I can jive (wtf Abi… jive?) with a contemporary book as well (e.g Pride and Prejudice that I just finished and was absolutely lovely!!)

The thing about those books as well, is that the happy ending isn’t guaranteed. For some reason, that makes me love a romance all the more! We don’t know that it’ll succeed so there has to be hardship and struggles which makes the payoff just that bit more sweet!!

I will say I’ve been tempted to pick up Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royal series though!!

Do you read romance books? Do you think I’m totally wrong?! Chat with me!!