July Book Haul!

A small book haul this month, but I bought both of the books myself!!!

Whilst I was in Portsmouth for my graduation I got to look at the book shelves in the supermarket, as well as in secondhand shops. And I found two gems that I couldn’t leave behind!

The Five by Hallie Rubenhold | Waterstones

First up was the supermarket pick and that is The Five by Hallie Rubenhold which delves into the lives of the five women who were murdered by Jack the Ripper. We never hear about the victims of this criminal, but we hear all about their pseudonym in the press. Historian Rubenhold decided to break this theme and delve into their lives and I am really excited to pick this one up! (and the cover being gorgeous is a massive plus)

Cathy's Book - Wikipedia

Cathy’s Book by Stewart, Weismann and Brigg is one that has been on my radar for around a decade now as I bought books 2 and 3 when I was a kid in the US on holiday (and of course didn’t realise) and I’ve needed book 1 all this time!! This isn’t exactly my cover, mine has an email address instead of a phone number. But it’s the exact same design. It doesn’t quite match the covers that I have, but the spines match, the theme is the same, and to be honest it’s been like a decade and this is the first time I’ve ever seen this book in person in the UK so I was NOT going to pass this up!!

And those are my two July books! Not a big one this month but I’m wanting to keep up to date after the avalanche that happened at the mid year check in 😂😂 have you gotten any new books this month? Have you read them yet? I’m having to use a lot of self control for these two!