Indie Authors!

Tell me about indie authors you love!!

As soon as you mention indie/self-published/small press authors there are two that spring to mind.

The one I discovered first is AB Endacott who writes the fantastic Legends of the Godkissed Continent. I read Queendom of the Seven Lakes from NetGalley. I picked it up on a whim after the orange cover sparked my interest and I LOVED it. So much so that after harping about it on social media so much Alice offered to send me an eARC of the second book in the duology to review! There began my absolute adoration for the series as the second book added so much depth into this world and answered so many questions whilst still leaving me wanting more!

It’s an absolutely amazing YA fantasy series, written by a self published Australian author who is an absolute delight and I will continue to buy each and every one of her books. They’re written so wonderfully and I’m able to complete immerse myself in her world.

The second author is Caroline Logan, who writes the wonderful Four Treasures novels. This was recommended to me by Caitlyn from Mad Cheshire Rabbit, and I saw some other Scottish booktubers reading and enjoying it as well so I knew I needed to pick it up! Caitlyn saved me the trouble by gifting me the book (the most secure way of forcing me to read anything) and I’m so incredibly grateful that she did because this book is god damn great.

I’ve only read one book in the series so far but I already adore how she’s skewing gender norms, playing with Scottish folk lore, and generating in depth details about the world, the characters, and their relationships, and I am SO excited to continue on in the series! This is another YA fantasy series that should be so much more well known!!

Let me know if you’ve read anything from either of these authors, and recommend me other indie authors that you love!!

Deliverance of the Blessed – a review

Why am I onLY JUST REVIEWING THIS?!?!?! I read this, a book in one of my favourite EVER series, back in February after being given a free eARC in exchange for an honest review. I did pop up my rating on Goodreads and write a wee review but it has taken me FAR TOO LONG TO ACTUALLY DO THISSSS. Can you tell I’m annoyed at myself? I adored this book, I adore everything ever published in the Godkissed Continent! So let’s get into the good stuff!


This book is the first we’ve had that’s set in the First Country, one that keeps itself behind closed doors from the rest of the continent, so we’ve not heard a lot about it so far. We follow Kaylene, who is kept behind the walls of the sanctuary and away from the general population in order to keep them safe. She can’t be trusted to control herself. After the devastating loss of her partner life lost meaning to Kaylene, but when she meets an unknown woman the course of her life changes, and she determines that she’ll reach beyond the walls of death and bring her love back.

As always with Alice’s books, I need more!! As soon as this finished I was heartbroken that there wasn’t a sequel coming in the future that I could dive into! Despite this being (almost *wink*) a completely new cast of characters from previously I felt so emotionally invested in them straight away. The “magical” powers throughout this series manifest in different ways and I adored seeing how they presented themselves within those from this secluded nation with little knowledge of the outside ways.

The character development throughout was done beautifully, the way that they learnt the nuances of each others mannerisms and ways of being, as well as how their relationships deepened. As a group the dynamic altered throughout the book and I found that incredibly interesting and so realistic to real life! The strife as well as the intrinsic bond could be felt through all their words and actions and you could tell that these people had been together for many years.

The only reason that it didn’t quite hit 5 stars was that there was a beat of the plot that just didn’t quite feel natural. There had been some seeds laid to bring us to it but there was a bit too much of a jump for me and it pulled me out of the book a little. But that was literally the only downside!!! (other than there not being another sequel for me to read… please and thank).

Highlight here for trigger warnings: violence, wrongful persecution, loss of a loved one, death

Honestly if you enjoy reading YA fantasy then I can’t recommend any of the books in the Legends of the Godkissed Continent series enough! The way that they intertwin whist also standing on their own as in depth tales of each country? I adore them and I’m so excited to see where we get to go next!

Dark Heart by A.B. Endacott – a review

The third and final book in the Dark Trilogy and boy did this series go out with a bang! In book 3 we’re following Freya after the goals and ambitions of her group have been reached, and unlike with most books, where we’re left to imagine what happens next, A.B. Endacott has written a book that beautifully encapsulates all of the difficulties that come with winning your fight.


This book was a fantastic round off to the series. I really enjoyed looking more into how things settle after the main ambition of the group that Freya is within has been reached. Now they have to plan, and sort, and fix things. And try not to be just as bad as those who came before.

The Dark Trilogy follows Freya, a healer, who is Pious in faith, which is banned in the Third Country. As tensions rise across the nation, Freya has to decide who she’s going to be. Whether she will fight for the world she wants or if she’ll cling to that which she holds dear, and stick to the status quo.

I’m sure many of you can imagine what is happening in this book, whether you’ve read the series or not. But I would like to keep it spoiler free regardless. So my best attempts, as always, will be below and forgive me for being vague!

I really enjoyed reading the moral struggle that Freya and the others were going through in the duration of this book. These people have killed others, they’ve deceived the people they love, and they’re trying to not fall back into the ways of the Kade, the religion that had subjugated them for so long. But this is harder than it seems. How do you quell unrest without action? How do you act without being unjust but also preventing riots? Watching A.B. Endacott dance through these issues with a light foot and really bring them to life was more interesting than even I thought it would be going in! (and you guys know how much I love the Godkissed Continent).

I also liked the emotional maturity that has come to Freya. With so little control over her life previously, there wasn’t much that Freya had to think in depth about. There was no point. So when it comes down to it, at first her responses hadn’t been the best or the most well thought out. But over the time that we’ve been following her we really get to see her emotions come under her own control and see the mastery she has over them now.

Speaking of control and mastery! The magic system in this world continues to be one that I love. Based upon faith and able to be manipulated in various ways, it’s incredibly interesting and Freya definitely learns more about her own innate powers and starts to use them. This isn’t always a good thing, but that process is part of the development of her powers.

There were only two things that I wasn’t completely happy with in this book, although I promise they were very minor as I still gave the book a solid 4 stars! First up is that deaths that had occurred seemed to be glossed over a little. Not as much time was spent mourning as I would’ve expected. I know that they have a job to do, but that job should’ve just been made that much tougher not only by the loss of key people to the group but also by the emotional pain that this loss caused.

Secondly, during this book Freya travels to a new location (look I said it would be vague), and she seems to settle in there a little fast. Everything just kind of works in her favour, no opposition, everything going smoothly. Realistically her entrance should’ve resulted in a longer duration of mistrust (in my opinion), or an explanation as to why this trust was so easily established. And she departs swiftly too. I loved the time there but it felt too short and I wished that there had been more issues that had kept us there for longer!

But overall, this book is absolutely fantastic and it’s another wonderful addition to the Godkissed Continent world that A.B. Endacott is creating. I can’t wait to read the First Country book when it comes out as well as everything else she ever writes!

First Lines Friday #5

It’s time for another First Lines Friday! Hosted by Wandering Words!!

What if, instead of judging a book by its cover or its author, we judged the book by its opening lines?

Here is how it works:

– Pick a book and open to the first page.

– Copy the first few lines without revealing which book it is.

– Reveal the book!

So… do these first lines entice you?

At a glance, the woman in the cell didn’t look as though she had been someone important. Certainly, she didn’t look dangerous. Her robes held the dirt of a garment worn unceasingly, only betraying glimpses of their original pristine white. Snatches of purple, blue and crimson peeked through the grime at the hems. The woman’s pallor was the sickly hue of someone who had not seen the sun in quite a stretch of time.

Scroll down to reveal the book!

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Dark Heat by A.B. Endacott

The third and last book in this trilogy, I’m so so excited to get to this book because I’ve adored everything by Alice so far but I also don’t wanna read it cause then I won’t have any of her books left to read! I definitely recommend this trilogy!!

Dark Purpose by A.B. Endacott – a review

Yet another amazing book from Alice, I’m so close to finishing off her entire published works with one book left after this one! Dark Purpose is the second book in what I’m calling the “Dark Trilogy” that follows a healer Freya, who is of the Pious faith which is banned in her country. As tensions rise across the Third Country, Freya must decide who she must be in order to fight for the world she wants, even if that means turning away from everything she holds dear.

After the abrupt ending to the first book I was so excited to delve back into this world and read about which direction Freya was going to go in this battle for power. Having read about her character in Queendom of the Seven Lakes I obviously know a little about where she ends up but following this story from before that time is incredibly interesting and Alice has written this uprising beautifully.

There are so many different intricacies which would go into planning an uprising and Alice manages to hit on them so well. We aren’t shown them all, as Freya isn’t involved in every aspect, but they are alluded to as well as having Freya mention certain aspects and this detail really adds depth and realism to these events.

Freya’s active participation in the uprising in this book is so much fun to read about, she has so many reservations whilst also guiltily revelling in her power. Something that I believe we would all do if given this gift! I also really enjoyed how her work at the hospital developed and played a key part in the story.

I wasn’t so keen on how Symon’s character developed in this book. This isn’t against Alice, just more that I really don’t want poor Freya to have to deal with this! I can already envision some of the basics of what’ll happen in Dark Heart (the next and final book in the trilogy) and noooooo!!!!

Have you read this series, or anything from A.B. Endacott for that matter? She is an amazing Australian, self-published author and I adore her writing so so much. I will read everything she ever publishes!

First Lines Friday #2!

I really enjoyed doing this last week so we’re doing it again! Wandering Words hosts this tag so check them out!

What if, instead of judging a book by its cover or its author, we judged the book by its opening lines?

Here is how it works:

– Pick a book and open to the first page.

– Copy the first few lines without revealing which book it is.

– Reveal the book!

So… do these first lines entice you?

Throughout my years on this earth I have struggled and fought my own mind. It now appears to me a separate evil entity, that has a desire to pull me from all hope that occurs in my life. I have allowed it to beat me, and now I reside here, among the sick and the vulnerable, waiting for the moment that I shall cross over to the next world from this. The reason I write this, is so my reader may learn from my mistakes and lead a more fulfilling existence than what I have. I once had a goal for my life, like any other human on this earth, but I was too weak to fight those obstacles that stood in my way, and I urge you, dear reader, to not do as I, for it will end you sooner than death. So, my dear reader please continue on as I tell you my story

Scroll down to reveal the book!

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Samuel Nowak by Caitlyn J. Bolton
Samuel Nowak by Caitlyn J. Bolton

I am so excited to get to this book before the end of the year! I read far too much from WWII without delving much into WWI. Have you read this? Tell me what you think!

An addictive series by AB Endacott!!

Once I finished up Queendom of the Seven Lakes (review here) I knew I just had to carry on with my re-read and pick up book two, King of the Seven Lakes! This is the second time I’ve read this book (original review here) and I think I love it even more than the first time through if that’s even possible! From here on out there will be spoilers for the first book so go and read that and then come back here!38918798. sy475

Although Gidyon has been coronated, there are still those who oppose him ruling because he is a man. One family is taking advantage of this and attempting to usurp him, meaning to put his female cousin on the throne but her grandfather would be the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes. Elen-ai, Gid, and his Uncles who are his royal advisers, are all working to stop this attack.

The further world building in book two is absolutely gorgeous, really developing the world and adding extra nuance to it. I also really love the portrayal of religion. I myself am not religious but the way in which Elen-ai and Gidyon’s religions are portrayed (they prey to different Gods who bestow powers upon the worthy) has given me the closest understanding of how those who strongly believe feel. It really makes you understand how close these people feel to their God at all times. It’s quite beautiful.

There are moments of lightheartedness throughout which are placed incredibly well in order to break up the heaviness of this battle they are trying to win and I love the various facets we get to see. There isn’t just one fight here.

This is another amazing work of fantasy from Alice and re-reading this book only cemented my love for it even further! I one million percent recommend picking this book up!!

Buy King of the Seven Lakes here!

Buy Queendom of the Seven Lakes here!

Buy the combined duology here!

Ozzie Self-Published YA Fantasy? YES!

My pick for the Booktube Rereadathon June prompt of a book that makes you smile and also our pick for the Small Press Book Club: Queendom of the Seven Lakes by AB Endacott. I first read this book back in the early months of 2018, after requesting it on NetGalley, and I fell in love.

36610255. sx318

This story follows Elen-ai as she is enlisted, as an assassin, to guard the Queen’s son. In this world, only women may rule the Queendom as it allows for any familial lineage to be unknown and therefore leaves the seven families of the Queendom at the same level, with no rise in power coming from having a child with the monarch. Elen-ai must protect Gidyon, as the Queen has decreed her son will be the first ever Prince of the Queendom. Obviously, this makes all the families lose their footing and scramble to get one up over everyone including the Queen herself.

Re-reading this book was so much fun, and it had been long enough that the finer points of the plot had been forgotten and I got to enjoy them all over again. I’m definitely one who enjoys a re-read! Seeing the developing relationship between Elen-ai and Gidyon as well as refreshing my memory of the political structure of the Second Country was so enjoyable and I rediscovered my love of this world. This is an amazing YA fantasy that I 100% recommend, it was such an immersive read for me and I’m so glad I pick this book up! If you’re interested in seeing my first review I’ve linked it here.


Hitting close to home


The Existence of Amy by Lana Grace Riva is the authors first delve into fiction works, after having written a non-fiction self-help book about mental health. She sticks with the MH topic in this book and it talks about depression, anxiety and OCD.

50068110. sy475

There are all illnesses I struggle with myself. I’m lucky that through lots of working on myself and medication too, I’m on the milder end of these now. But I’ve been there. I will say that if you do suffer from these or would be triggered by them, then this likely isn’t the book for you. The illnesses are represented really well, but this also means that she goes into detail and that might not be helpful for some people.

With the actual book itself, nothing other than our MC Amy going to work, or not going, happens. It simply follows her. I think this was a brilliant decision as it lets the reader focus on what’s going on inside her head rather than stuff happening outside. By the end of this book, I actually felt connected to the characters and was wanting to find out more about them.

Full disclosure, I was sent this book by the author to review. But also full disclosure, sorry Ms Riva, I wasn’t expecting to love it. I thought it might get 3 stars, that it’d be fine and that’d be it. But I ended up really enjoying reading this book and honestly think it’s a good read. I’m glad I did pick this up in the end (she sent me it a while ago) and gave it a go!

What do you think of books which focus on mental health struggles?

King of the Seven Lakes, a glowing review!

The second book in the Legends of the Godkissed Continent series by A. B. Endacott and oh boy did I love it just as much as the first one or what! This book continues to follow Elen-ai and Gidyon, if you haven’t read the beauty that is Queendom of the Seven Lakes I don’t want to spoil you! Click here to see my review of Queendom and come back once you’ve read it! There will be spoilers for the first book ahead!

Now that Gid is to be the King of this Queendom, some of the families have taken up stances against this. There are various allegiances forming across the different high-born families of the Seven Lakes who either believe that a man should not be in power or they want to take the power for themselves. Some think that Gidyon is not educated enough to rule, but Elen-ai is confident that he shall make a great King.

I was very happy as I read through to confirm that there is still no romance between Elen-ai and Gidyon. I personally wouldn’t mind them getting together, but this is either a non-existent or incredibly slow romance which is a very nice change from so many insta-loves we get in books.

The likelihood of an outbreak of a civil war starts to become a reality as we continue through the novel and this weighs heavily on all of our characters shoulders. There is also a personal battle that Elen-ai is facing as she cannot be an assassin of the Family at the same time as being a friend and advisor to the King. She has to choose between two worlds, her best friend, or her family.

Yet again Alice’s writing is absolutely gorgeous and engaging, I was fully absorbed into this world and the events happening within it that I was able to sit and read this in the living room as my parents watched TV and completely ignore the programme that was on! I am so excited for this book to get more hype behind it and have a much larger reader base as more people find this amazing series! This high fantasy book with a badass female lead and interesting political action could be great for both Young Adult readers and those that read more within the “adult” genre.

I am really looking forward to reading The Ruthless Land (the 3rd book in the series), although I won’t lie, I’m a little sad that it won’t be following Elen-ai and Gid and is instead based elsewhere in the Continent! I’m sure I’ll love it just as much, but I have definitely become very invested in these characters and I really hope that we come back to them again in the future and have Elen-ai as our PoV once again. However, damn am I excited to be seeing another part of this world! So much has been hinted at within the first two books but coming into this third one there is so much potential and so much scope for what could happen here.

Essentially, get on this bandwagon now! You’ll definitely regret it if you don’t!