Please Don’t Disturb

A.R. Torre’s second book in the Deanna Maddon trilogy, I magically found it in really good condition at a secondhand bookstore and just had to pick it up! I will say, straight up, that I didn’t love this as much as the first book. I gave that 5* and I “only” gave Do Not Disturb 4*. So I still did really enjoy it!

I don’t want to spoil anything for those who have not read book 1 (The Girl in 6E), so this’ll be a spoiler free view. The themes which made 6E so great are explored further in this book, with a lot of character development throughout. It’s definitely not stagnant from the first book. In both books there’s a crime risk which causes big parts of the plot, and in Do Not Disturb this did disappoint me a little and was why it dropped a star. It just felt like it was over very quickly and didn’t have any major impact or influence on anything. Given that it had such a build up from the very beginning of the book this was just a let down, but clearly it wasn’t that much of a let down if I still gave the book 4*!

I did love how our main character struggled with her issues and her desires, whilst also growing into this new relationship that she has with the outside world. The sex-cam part of her life really dies down in this book, but not stupidly drastically, just in a way that makes sense for the plot progression and I enjoyed that.

Basically, if you read book 1 and enjoyed it I definitely recommend giving book 2 a shot. It might live up to your hopes, it might not, but you should still have a great time reading it!

Have you read any of this series? What did you think? Comment and let me know!!