Armageddon Outta Here, a review

Yes, yes, another Skulduggery book. This is a collection of short stories and I was reading them chronologically as I did my reread of the whole series. So this is just where my reread finished 😂

This is such a fun selection of stories. We get some of Skulduggery and Gordon’s interactions before he passed away (Gordon, not Skulduggery 😂), as well as some of the stories of the Dead Men that we’ve heard about in passing. And then of course we get more stories of Skulduggery and Valkyrie together through the years.

On CAWPILE I gave this collection: Characters: 10, Atmosphere: 9, Writing: 9, Plot: 9, Intrigue: 8, Logic: 9, and Enjoyment: 9 which gives a score of 9 and a 5 star rating!

I can’t speak about all the stories, because they’re so short that I would just be ruining them for you. But if you enjoy the Skulduggery Pleasant books then I highly recommend this collection. It’s so much fun and adds so much to the world!