The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, a review?

Yes the question mark is there on purpose. This is my first review of a book I’ve DNFd. That right there tells you a fair bit about this book. I tried it and ended up decided I wasn’t going to read anymore of it. (DNF = did not finish)

This was my second work by King, the first being The Outsiders (see my review here), and my first collection of short stories from him. I was trying to read these around Hallowe’en cause I heard they could be spooky.

The concepts for the stories I did read were so interesting. But unfortunately the execution was just lacking. None of the stories gripped me, even for their short page spans, and I found myself putting off reading even one story a day.

Originally I had planned my DNF to only be temporary and that I would try to go back to this collection again later. But in playing my Balancing the Books game for my tbr in February I had to unhaul some books. This was one that got the chop.

Sadly this book was just a disappointment and it’s left me not all that excited to read 11.22.63 (which I still have on my shelves). Let’s just hope I enjoy that more