December Wrap Up


I read three books in December, and although that was quit a while away now, here is my blog post form wrap up! If you head to my YouTube channel, or click here, you’ll be able to watch it in video form…wiiiith a bit of a difference from normal!!

Moving on!

The first book I finished in December was Gun Button to Fire by Tom Neil.

This is a memoir from a RAF pilot who downed 19 planes during the battle of Britain and his writing really helped me to get into his mind during the time he was participating in the war. If you’re interested then check out my full review of the book here.

Book two was How to Manage Your Slaves by Jerry Toner


This book was incredibly well researched and so very interesting. I knew from the moment I picked this book up in the shop that I would adore it and I’m mad at myself for taking over 3 years to read the damn thing! Again if you would like to see my full review you can find it here.

Finally, my third book was The Beggar of Volubilis by Caroline Lawrence (The Roman Mysteries #13)


This was sadly probably my least favourite book in this series so far, I skimmed a lot of it just to get it over and done with. Thankfully as it’s a kids book I was able to do this and get to the parts of the story I actually enjoyed. Full review here.

It was an interesting reading month, an interesting month! I was working retail in December which is the main reason why my reading suffered, but I’m still happy with what I read.

What did you read in December? What was your last read of 2019? Of the decade!

Not what the eye first sees?

I’m slowly getting my way through the Roman Mysteries series by Caroline Lawrence, and this was my most recent endeavour. The Beggar of Volubilis takes the quartet to Africa, as they make their way across the continent to find the Eye of Nero and also Flavia’s uncle. Saying anything more would probably ruin the rest of the series prior to this book! It really relies on prior books unlike many of the other stories.


Don’t get me wrong, this can still be read as a standalone as can all of the other books, but there are ongoing plotlines which those who are reading the books in order wouldn’t want to be spoiled for. This is another interesting read which delves further from the heart of the Roman Empire and gives a wider historical knowledge. It honestly wasn’t my favourite, so I need to read more from the series to tell if I’m just aging out of it (which would be really sad) or if it’s just this one book. Fingers crossed!!

Have you read any books from this series? I absolutely adore them and think they are amazing 8-12/middle grade books! I’ve been trying to collect them all, and I’ve read all of the ones that I own, but sadly I’ve not been able to find the rest of the books in the cover type I’m looking for. Honestly, I don’t know if I actually ever will as I tend to hunt for them second hand, but hopefully.