My favourite Poirot in a while!


Book #26 in the Poirot series, The Hollow by Agatha Christie, was one of my picks for the Thrillerathon at the end of February. I was expecting to like it, but I wasn’t expecting anything more as I’ve not loved a lot of the Poirot books I’ve read lately. However, I loved it!


It took a little while to get into the story, with us following the various characters involved in the murder for almost 200 pages before Poirot gets involved. While at first I found this annoying I came to enjoy learning about them in their own environment and was still enjoying myself.

These extra pages for the characters definitely allowed not only for a little bit of character development, but also to allow me to get to know them better and care more about the outcomes at the end of the book. It was definitely a great decision by Christie and I’m glad that the book with the prettiest cover was also the one that I enjoyed the most!

Definitely a Poirot I recommend picking up, as you don’t need to read them in order, and one that I really did enjoy. Speeding through in just one day as always.