The Skulduggery Pleasant Grimoire, a reread review

Yup, we’ve got another Skulduggery Pleasant reread! This time it’s the Grimoire by Derek Landy. A summary of all 14 books (and all the short stories) so far, with additional story worked through it. If you’d like, you can see my original review.

My main thoughts on this are…. that I feel the same about this as the first time I read through it. Exactly the same. Kinda weirded me out not gunna lie.

There are a fair few issues in this book. There are spelling mistakes, there are editing mistakes (as in sentences that don’t actually make sense) as well as contradictions in the timeline within the book itself. There’s even a little letter that falls out of the book when you start it forewarning you about this. It’s a pity.

Despite that though I do really enjoy this book. It’s a really fun recap of everything that’s happened in the series so far and getting to see a grown up Val (and a “grown up” Skulduggery) reacting to their early-book shenanigans with the insight of a few more years is really amusing.

I also adore the separate new story that runs throughout this book. It adds an extra new dimension to the world and really brings the archivists (who are writing about Skulduggery and Val’s adventures) into the story as well as adding information about Skulduggery and more. I really really hope that this new stuff is added into the final book!

On CAWPILE I rated this: Characters: 8, Atmosphere: 7, Writing: 6, Plot: 8, Intrigue: 8, Logic: 6, and Enjoyment: 8, giving a 7.29 score and a 4* rating.

Highlight here for trigger warnings: violence, death, PTSD, mentions of torture, religion, loss of loved ones.

This is such a fun read and I’m super excited to delve into Until The End very very soon!! Have you read this series?