I’m back!!

My thesis is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my sweet soul that took forever! But it’s done, it’s handed in, I’m proud of it and hopefully it’ll get me a good mark!! And now I can go back to being a normal human being again, woohoo!

I’ve been applying to jobs, seeing friends, spending time with my parents, starting back on Duolingo, but most importantly…. I’ve been reading again! Not a lot mind you, I’ve only read 2 books, however, I’ll take what little I can get after so long without reading haha. It’s been genuinely so enjoyable to be able to relax into a book and I’m looking forward to getting through a few more books on my giant tbr.

Sadly, there’s still gunna be a bit of a wait for my YouTube channel to come back, as my laptop is completely broken and it’s gunna take a while for it to get repaired đŸ˜„ Which is really sad as I love making videos. I do have access to my dad’s laptop so I might try installing my editing software on there but I don’t know if it has enough processing power. We’ll see.

Either way, the blogs are back (hopefully) and my insta and twitter are coming alive again. I’m so happy about it and so excited to be back within the community!

Now I’ve just got to catch up on all those YouTube videos…….. that’ll take me a while!

A Small Hiatus!!

Hey guys! So there is going to be a wee bit of a gap between this and my next blog post. If you follow me on other platforms then you’ll likely know that I’m currently doing a Masters degree (in Geological and Environmental Hazards if you care) and right now is crunch time. I’ve had a little backlog/schedule of posts to be going up for a while, but I review my books as I read them and I haven’t read anything since as my thesis is taking up the majority of my time.

My thesis should be finished up by mid-September and my last assignment finishes up on the 20th September, so there should hopefully be some new posts coming in by October, and maybe even some more videos!!! I’ve missed doing this so so much but this Masters is the most important thing in my life rn (seriously, my so is in hospital after breaking 4 ribs and puncturing their lung but can I go visit? Nope! Need to work :/ – well… he’s there at time of writing… I really hope he’s still not there by the time this posts…but anyways)

For those who have stayed with me I am so so grateful, knowing that I have you guys whenever things get a little too rough has been amazing. To those who have just found me/dip in and out, I hope you enjoy the increase in content in a few months and that my little backlog of posts and videos has been entertaining!

Thank you again, now it’s time to go write some more about a volcanic eruption from 1944. If you can guess which one it is comment below!!