A New Name!!

Two posts on a Monday? Well I felt like I should explain, I’ve changed my online bookish name!! For the past…however many years I’ve gone by Autumn of Pellinor on the bookternet. I’m not making any huge changes but from now I’ll be going by Abi of Pellinor! Abi is my real name and I feel like it’s just time for me to have that rather than having people calling me Autumn and me feeling awkward and also just cause… it’s me!

When I first made all my accounts I was worried about people in my “real” life finding out, but now pretty much everyone knows. In fact my brand new avatar was drawn by my best friend!! (she also did the one I had before, they’re both amazing) These accounts are all me, every weird, annoying, bookish aspect of me!

So… Hi! My name’s Abi. Nice to meet you 🙂