An overall update

Yet again I’ve had a hiatus, and I don’t think any of you would blame me for it right now. Not only have we been in unprecedented times as a planet, but on the 3rd of April my cat Tigger had to be put down. These two things combined have meant that my reading has fallen behind and therefore my book reviews are behind also.

Tigger, my family’s beautiful tortoiseshell girl, passed from kidney failure just after 6pm on the 3rd of April. She was really struggling and unable to even walk in a straight line. She looked like she had been drugged. It was the only fair thing for us to do. Our vet was so lovely and made the process as nice as it could be, especially with the social distancing that had to be put in place for everyone’s safety.

In terms of the rest of life, my mum is now at home all the time. So I’m not alone in the house so I’m not reading as much. It’s just also a struggle to read right now, I’m not entirely sure why but getting lost in a book just feels impossible.

However. I’m trying to come back. I’m trying to read. Sometimes, personally, forcing myself into it can help so that’s my next aim and we’ll see how that goes. I might go dark again, I might keep posting consistently. We’ll just have to find out. But thank you for sticking with me through all this and I hope you’re all as healthy and safe as you can be.

Stay safe, stay inside, protect the health service.

How’s Your 2020 So Far?


How has January been so far for you? Both in bookish and non-bookish ways!

Staying bookish to start with, I read 5 books in quick succession at the beginning of the month! Woohoo! I’ve not really read much since then, but considering that was my whole tbr I’m content with that for now and I’ll keep pushing to see what else I can read.

I also haven’t bought any books so far, I’ve avoided second-hand shops and bookshops entirely to avoid the temptation!! And I am also happier with the editing I’ve been doing on videos, they aren’t out yet (depending on when you read this) but I’m happy with the little changes I’ve been making and plan to keep it that way and keep changing. A similar thing has happened with my insta, I already know roughly the quality I want and I’m mostly keeping to it. I didn’t post for a little while but it just wasn’t my priority for some reason and I made the decision to not post sub-quality content just to post something.

In my non-bookish life I’m still currently jobless (if you saw yesterdays post you’ll know that isn’t fun for me) but I have been chatting with old friends via PS4 chat more and playing a game I’ve been meaning to get to with them. So it’s 6 and half a dozen, I’ll take what I can get! I’ve also booked my train tickets to go and see my partner, as he doesn’t live in my city, at the end of the month so I’m excited for that!!

What are your accomplishments or happy moments so far for 2020? If we can keep up this positive momentum we’re more likely to hit our various 2020 goals!!!

A Small Hiatus!!

Hey guys! So there is going to be a wee bit of a gap between this and my next blog post. If you follow me on other platforms then you’ll likely know that I’m currently doing a Masters degree (in Geological and Environmental Hazards if you care) and right now is crunch time. I’ve had a little backlog/schedule of posts to be going up for a while, but I review my books as I read them and I haven’t read anything since as my thesis is taking up the majority of my time.

My thesis should be finished up by mid-September and my last assignment finishes up on the 20th September, so there should hopefully be some new posts coming in by October, and maybe even some more videos!!! I’ve missed doing this so so much but this Masters is the most important thing in my life rn (seriously, my so is in hospital after breaking 4 ribs and puncturing their lung but can I go visit? Nope! Need to work :/ – well… he’s there at time of writing… I really hope he’s still not there by the time this posts…but anyways)

For those who have stayed with me I am so so grateful, knowing that I have you guys whenever things get a little too rough has been amazing. To those who have just found me/dip in and out, I hope you enjoy the increase in content in a few months and that my little backlog of posts and videos has been entertaining!

Thank you again, now it’s time to go write some more about a volcanic eruption from 1944. If you can guess which one it is comment below!!

Starting to release my writing

I actually have time to write now, and I really doubt that I’ll release any parts of the book I’m writing (both because it’s currently rubbish and because it’s mine! haha)  but I’m thinking of releasing some of the poetry or any short stories that I write. I probably won’t share them to Twitter as they are more personal, but I’d like to hear any feedback you guys might have on them. It’d help me improve my writing overall!

I’ll still be posting my reviews and other more chatty posts but these will be slotted in randomly amongst them as and when I feel like it. I hope you enjoy!